Our Mission

Charles William Whittaker, Sr. (father of Anwar Whittaker, CWWSF Founder) lived a legacy worthy of celebration.  Faced with longstanding degenerative illnesses, this man was determined to expand his mind even as his body failed him.

  At age 70, Charles William Whittaker Sr. decided to take a course in computer technology, a field that many of the members of our current generation find daunting.  When asked his reason, Charles replied that he wanted to be an example to his grand children, wanting to prove that anyone could accomplish anything they choose to, if they were capable and willing to learn. 

For a shining example of the integrity that the late Charles William Whittaker Sr. tried to impart to those around him, one need only look to the memories of his children and close relatives.  When told to modify his diet because of health complications, Charles worried that the food stored in his refrigerator, bought before the doctor’s order, would go to waste.

His chosen solution was to give the food to those less fortunate.  Before having the chance to carry out this simple, noble gesture, ailing health conditions necessitated an extended stay in the hospital, where he passed away three months after his arrival.